We offer a repair service to ensure the longevity of your Sola board bag. 


Please note that shipping costs will be borne by the customer.


   -Things you need to know-

- We will repair only the part you request for repair.

- If we do not have the same fabric as the product, we will use other fabric to repair it.

✳︎ (If you have your own memorable fabric or fabric that you would like us to upcycle for your bag, we can use that fabric. please let us know when you contact us.)

- We may not be able to accept repairs depending on the condition of the product.

✳︎(In that case, Sola can upcycle the fabric from the still usable parts of the product to make fin cases or eco bags.

-Repair procedure-

.Please contact us via Instagram, Facebook, or the contact page below.

2. Put the repaired item in a bag or box and send it to the address we provide. If you wish, please include your favorite fabric.

3.You will receive a notification from us that the repair is complete. (1-2weeks )


4.You will be notified of the completion of shipping and arrival.


If you would like to have your item repaired, please contact us through the contact form below or DM us on Instagram (@_sola_handmade).



※ 送料はお客様負担になりますのでご了承ください。


- 修理依頼箇所のみ修理します。

- 製品と同じ生地がない場合、他の生地を使用して補修します。


- 製品の状態によっては修理をお受けできない場合がございます。

✳︎(その際 Solaでは製品のまだ使用できる部分の生地をさらにアップサイクルしフィンケースまたはエコバッグなどを作ることも可能です。)





3.Solaから修理完了の連絡が届きます。(二週間程度 ※修理の大きさにより異なります。)



修理をご希望の際はこちら下記のお問い合わせ、またはInstagram (@_sola_handmade)のDMまでご連絡ください。